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Friends of Carina

Friends in need

«Anlässlich einer Reise nach Buenos Aires im Jahr 2014 habe ich Dr. Carina Vetye kennengelernt. Ihre Arbeit und ihr Einsatz im Elendsviertel Villa Zagala haben mich enorm beeindruckt…»

Window of hope

The pharmacy in the Villa Zagala slum founded by Carina Vetye provides the poorest with urgently needed medication.

Friends of Carina

Award-winning work

In 2018, Carina Vetye received the “Else Kröner Fresenius Award” endowed with 100,000 euro. Watch the video.

Friends of Carina

Pharmacists Without Borders

The aid organization “Pharmaciens sans Frontières” is dedicated to ensuring that underprivileged people have access to medication.

Friends of Carina

A woman who is making a difference

Dr. Carina Vetye is the heart, driving force and coordinator of “Health Center Number 16” and the pharmacy she founded for the poorest in Villa Zagala, one of the countless slums of Buenos Aires. Carina manages the teams, teaches preventative care, provides training and steers the cooperation with the various agencies involved. Her main concern, however, remains the local population, who, thanks to Carina’s commitment, are given hope and a better quality of life. Carina says: “When you start doing this kind of work, begin to understand the situation and see the impact you can have, you want to do even more.”

Friends of Carina

Photo gallery

Our photo gallery provides an impressive look behind the scenes of Villa Zagala, a poverty-stricken district where Carina Vetye runs her pharmacy.

Friends of Carina

How you can help

We gladly accept contributions to support Carina Vetye and her pharmacy for the poorest in Villa Zagala. Every donation goes directly to this good cause.

Friends of Carina

About us

“Friends of Carina” is a non-profit association with the primary goal of supporting the pharmacy that serves the poorest in Villa Zagala.

Friends of Carina


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